FurReal Robotic Dog Cookie 2011

For this year 2011 Hasbro designed new interactive Robotic Dog FurReal Cookie. This electronic dog toy is awesome, it looks like real and absolutely adorable Labrador puppy. It’s cream in color with soft fur, black nose and red tongue. Like real puppy, Cookie the dog can move its legs, head, eyes, tail, mouth, it even can hear you and turns its head towards your voice. Cookie comes with her original dog collar and a few treats and accessories. Kids will love to play with this new interactive dog toy, Cookie is a great robotic pup responding to your voice and touches.

Cookie My Playful Pup

It’s not a secret that from year to year we got better and better products. It touches everything and kids toys as well. High technologies allows to design and create more live-like, interactive and interesting toys. Hasbro is one of those toy companies that improves its technologies, investigates and develops new levels in toy industry. And for this year 2011 they produced new robotic dog toy called Cookie. Cookie is Labrador golden retriever puppy that can respond to all your touches, listen to your voice and turn its head towards it, make dog sounds, sniff, treat itself with special enclosed treats, make cute puppy noises and many more. If you like walking pets like FurReal Walking Pups or FurReal Walking Kittens, than you definitely will love new FurReal Interactive Dog Cookie made by Hasbro for this year 2011. The release date for this toy is still in secret, but we definitely can expect this electronic pet without the mess on shelves of Toy Fair 2011 right before the Christmas Holiday and I’m still sure it will be released much sooner, because Hasbro prepared so much more for this Christmas besides this Cookie dog. So be in contact and you will find out first when new FurReal Dog Cookie will be released.

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